A Happy life begins when you live on purpose
Take your life to the next level now.
A world of possibility awaits you
Don't wait another moment

Stop waiting for life to kick you out of your comfort zone. Put your hands back on the wheel and take control TODAY! Here is how to cheat at growth and get away with it

Few things can force us out of our comfort zones like earth shattering experience of a forced change. The change could come in the form of a lost job, place to live, relationship or the heartbreaking loss of a loved one. It's during these moments in time that our primal nature as animals kicks in. The wild will to thrive or die.


For many of us this can be one of the worst times in our lives. Times we think we will never get through. Moments of dread, fear and a pain we are forced to swallow against our will. We think we will never see light again... Until we do. For many people, the end of the storm is followed by lessons and light we never saw before.  Life has forced us to grow and we see things in a new way, perhaps a total metamorphosis even happens in these moments.


We may finally have the gumption to set out on a new path or do things we have been dreaming of in our hearts and now, feeling like we have nothing to lose, we embark on journeys our soul had been longing for.

But what if I told you that you don't need to wait for life to force you to grow, that you don't need to endure a terrible storm or loss to get out of your comfort zone. What if I told you that you could experience more of what life has in store for you without tearing your whole world apart? The truth is you can, it only takes an openness to expand, to get out of your comfort zone to have a more rich and vibrant life.

You don't have to leave everything behind to be reborn into the skin of a new version of yourself. You only need to take a few actionable steps that you can do today.


Here is how to get going.

Grab a pen and paper and make a list of your "some days." You know what I am talking about, the sentences that run around in your head. Or the things that are triggered when you hear or read about someone you know doing something interesting.

For instance, someday I will take a class in xyz or finish my degree. Someday I will take a trip to see this special place. Someday I will learn how to­­_________ Someday I will get in better shape. Someday I will...

When you make your list, let it be free and wild, nothing is off limits so don't censor yourself. This is called free writing so make some quiet time with a cup of tea or coffee and let your mind go .

After you have created your list (you can doodle too) pick one thing that you will commit to doing today to work toward and start making a plan to do it. Everyone will have different circumstances so find what feels right for you. Then,  give yourself a week to come up with a plan to put it in to action. If this is fitness related start with committing to a daily walk. If this is travel, school or work related start researching the place, topic or job you are interested in.

The Internet is your friend so have fun with it. If you need to make some calls then do that too. The sheer energy of your action will get your mind thinking differently. You can always take a break but give yourself a time to get back at it.

Request information, send off resumes whatever it is that will help you commit to expanding past your comfort zone. When you have gotten the information you seek the next step is making a plan to bring it to life. When you do this exercise and set things in motion you will see that it expands your thought process in a way that you will feel more alive and less afraid. Little by little you will see and experience growth on YOUR terms. You are no longer waiting on life to happen to you, This is called living on purpose. Onward and enjoy.


Summary of Steps to cheat at growth and get away with it

  1.  Make a list of your "some days."
  2.  Commit to action
  3.  Request or research information
  4.  Make a plan
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