A Happy life begins when you live on purpose
Take your life to the next level now.
A world of possibility awaits you
Don't wait another moment

On Independence Day this is my ode to the Nation that I adore. America you remain, still the gleaming beacon of hope to me and people the world over. You are not without soil, tears or pain and nothing beautiful enduring or strong is ever without those things.

Despite our differences, we have a magical tapestry of colors, sounds and spirits that speak to me. I love you, because we are a young country and as such, much like a young child full of falling, skinned knees and mistakes you still find time to celebrate and remain full of playfulness hope and wonder. You let me be anything I choose at any given moment. You let the dreamer and doer find each other in the perfect space of harmony and invention. You believe in sweat and you believe in reward. You ask no fee for entrance other than optimism and drive. You can pick up from a life of quiet desperation at any moment of your choosing and be anything you choose. You are a charitable lover of people, and you remind the weary that they have hope. You stand tall with a back of steel and when others count you out you do it all over again, shaking away the dust, picking up your friends and believing this dream we have will all be well again.

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