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They say change is a good thing and yes, we all know it is. It is the place that allows us to grow, the place where new opportunities and journeys are born, yet it still can be one heck of an adjustment. The adjustment can be magnified when not only are we having big personal changes (and yes they can be good) but when our immediate circle of loved ones are also experiencing a shift.

We all rely on our circles as our support system, the stable ground that we can stand on when our own leaves us feeling like we have been trying to hold on to life before another aftershock rolls through. It also isn't easy seeing those we love struggle even when we know they will be better for it in the long run.

I am speaking from a very personal space, some of the most amazing loving people in my life are going through profound transition. Their humor and stamina make me admire them even more and they make me look at life with an even greater level of appreciation for the times we get bored and think things are just the same. For the days we forget to stop and relish what an amazing gift what is in our presence truly  is. It is also in these humble moments when I am reminded we can't fix it for each other, we can't take away the pain. The best we can do is hug each other like crazy, throw love around and wait with joyful anticipation for the sun to shine again, knowing it always does.


So how do you keep your sanity when everything around you is changing? By embracing the fact that we don't have the power to correct the Universe. For understanding in these moments time may stand a bit too still for our liking but there is reason for this. It is to allow the planting of new seeds for a Spring that is right around the corner.

We keep our sanity by doing what we can, without the expectation of perfection. Where we clean our plate off of a few items that may be bogging us down in this sensitive time. We keep our sanity by honoring the need to go within, to be still, to be quiet, to read and to practice self love.

We keep our sanity by offering a kind word, letting someone know that we are there, letting ourselves know that we are there. We keep our sanity by writing down our feelings so one day we can read through this moment and relish in how strong we really are. We keep our sanity by allowing ourselves to lose it just a little and let that be okay. We keep our sanity by allowing ourselves the space to not be okay at this moment trusting we don't need anyone's permission to do so. We keep our sanity by knowing we are beautifully imperfect in all that we are and that is a marvelous things.


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