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Have you ever wanted to connect with a notable person in your field but felt like they were out of reach? Perhaps the thought of meeting someone you admire in your field could be a fantastic injection of inspiration as you journey along your chosen path.

When I say notable I am not meaning famous (though the person you have in mind may be) I am speaking of someone that is worthy of attention in your area of interest, attention that comes from demonstrating  excellence in their chosen field.

Some of you already know who you may like to meet and you may be saying "YES!" right away, others of you may have not even thought about it yet and that's okay too because we are here to get you digging into new ways of doing things. If you do not have someone in mind take a moment to think about it.

For the sake of making it easy to remember this is something I like to call "The Network Hack." The network hack works like this, you put yourself in a place where the person you would like to meet will be and find the least awkward way to meet the person. If this sounds foreign think about someone you may have liked in high school , college or beyond and how you magically found a way to be at the same place at the same time.

We will start out big, let's say you would like to meet a famous speaker, author or titan of industry. Yes you can attend an event they are speaking at and hope that you can stand in a line and meet them with the hundreds of other people wishing to do the same. Instead, using the "The Network Hack" you find an event they will be speaking at few months in advance , then you contact the event organizer to ask how you may volunteer.

Send a thoughtful courteous email, stating how much you like the event and how you would really love to volunteer to help make it great. This not only gets you into an event that can often cost thousands of dollars for free but it also gets you on the inside. You are now part of the event not merely one of hundreds. Magic can happen behind the scenes and the closer you are the closer your chances of making the connection you so deeply desire.

Like anything in life nothing is a guarantee and it's up to you to make the most of your time inside. When inside you have increased your odds in a gigantic way, someone else inside just may be a great contact or perhaps they can make the introduction.  Just remember the six degrees of separation idea, we are connected to someone that knows someone and so on.

If you work for a city or organization you can do this by getting on a committee, or volunteering for an event, the principles are the same, you get the idea. Get creative and have fun masterminding your way to connections. If you desire to stand out and rise to the top of your game you have to be willing to do what others will not and I can tell you that most people will NOT be willing to do this.

There truly is something to be said about the saying "it's who you know." Our network can be the greatest resource we can draw upon in our entire life and if we remember that and care for it like a beautiful garden we will see the flowers bloom for a lifetime. However, if we fail to plant seeds by making connections and watering the seeds we will end up with a barren field when we need it most.

Life is a challenge but it can also be a great deal of fun, so have fun with this. I would love to hear your stories about how you executed your own awesome "Network Hack."

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