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We have all heard the saying "finding your tribe" or "I need to find my tribe" but what the heck does this mean and why is this important for us? Don't worry, you won't need to paint your face and run around in crazy clothes (though that could be fun wouldn't it?)

A tribe is a group of people we know and engage with where we feel a unique sense of comfort and ease.  When you find your tribe you may hear yourself exclaiming "These are my people!"

A tribe is a special kinship you have with a group of people  that often extends beyond our typical family, friendship or work connections (though it can include those too.)  Your tribe might consist of  soulful , spiritual, artistic, activity based or business connections.

A tribe doesn't need to be large to be effective and yes,  you can have more than one tribe so don't over think it. Finding your tribe will give you a feeling of belonging  and you will know it without thought, the same way you know when you taste something delicious. Finding your tribe is indeed food for your soul.

It's the place in life that lights you up, where you feel the most real version of yourself and hopefully loved and lifted up too. We may feel like we are on a similar path as members of our tribe,  often sharing  ideas or concepts that we can help each other out with.

What can finding my tribe do for me?

Often a tribe can help provide you with more intimate insights than many people out of other circles of your life. Being part of a such a collective of people you click with can make you feel empowered and strong. This is also an awesome environment  for naturally generating new ideas for work and life while fostering  a sense of community and belonging which is vital for a healthy productive life.

"In fact, a Harvard study examining the lives of almost 3,000 people found that those who gather together to go out to dinner, play cards, go on day trips, vacation with friends, go to the movies, attend sporting events, go to church, and engage in other social activities outlive their reclusive peers by an average of two and a half years. Finding your tribe is not only fun. It can also save your life." Mind Over Medicine (Hay House, 2013) Lissa Rankin, MD

I don't even know where to begin, how do I find my tribe?

It often requires us to take a step outside of our comfort zone to find our tribe. Here is a quick list of 10 places you can explore to find your tribe.

  1. Motivational Conferences or other topic specific events.
  2. Religious or Spiritual Communities like Church
  3. Music/ Art festivals like Burning Man, Coachella etc.
  4. Athletic  communities, like Cross Fit, cycling or hiking clubs
  5. Yoga studios
  6. Civic organizations like Kiwanis or Rotary International
  7. Volunteer organizations like The American Red Cross
  8. Business organizations like Toastmasters
  9. Acting Classes  
  10. Art Classes

When you are out doing things that interest you it just takes a bit of exploration and before you know it, you too will be saying "These are my people!"

It's easy to see why finding your tribe in life is so very important not only for your happiness but also for your personal success.  Have you found your tribe? If so I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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