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Don't let work become a rut, here are 5 Fun Ways to boost happiness and productivity at work now. The art of play and enthusiasm not only bolsters joy in the individual it has remarkable results on creative productivity;  In no partifcular order here are the furious 5.


 1. The morning high 5-  Employees get up from their desks for a moment to walk around and give each other a high five while saying good morning. Like an ice breaker at a conference, this evokes laughter and energy out of the participants. The morning high five helps create an inclusive "we are all in this together bond. "

2. The 5 minute tech disconnect - Employees sit at their desk placing their hands in their laps for five minutes of quiet. The key is to place phones out of sight and most vital is to remove their hands from the keyboards entirely. Ideally, the monitor would be off and eyes closed, however this can be something to work up to. The idea of the hands being off the keyboard  in the tech industry can be akin to removing a limb but with practice it has remarkable calming results.

3. The Shake it off- Employees stand up in place while rapidly shaking their hands at their wrists while taking deep full breaths. This practice helps enhance energy while providing  a good release to overworked wrists and hands. Try it for two minutes and I think you will agree it feels fantastic.

4. The 1 minute free write- Employees take one minute to jot down creative ideas. the ideas can be for work and life so overlap is okay. The key is allowing the mind to expand without restriction. A colorful crayon(s) or marker(s) are encouraged in the practice. Creativity and play have a beneficial effect on problem solving skills and the creation of new ideas.

5. The gratitude blast- Employees write a list of 5 things they are grateful for preferably first thing in the morning. While I often suggest this practice be done at home, it is perfect for work as well. This one may be one we hear about often, however it's positive impact after 30 days on happiness is so profound that I had to include it.

 If you have tips of your own or comments, as always, leave them below.


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