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I don't need to tell you how hectic life can get, and how tired and uninspired we can become at times. We are often burning the candle at both ends and when we do, it can really sap our creativity and  negatively impact how we experience and see our world. The following short list are five ways to help you bring more creative inspiration into your life. These are five very simple things that I do that really help get me dialed back in to what matters most. The best part is they cost almost nothing and can be implemented whenever you need a little spark to help ad some creative inspiration back into your life. Each one of these five ways requires of you to disconnect from social media and find presence in the world around you.  In no particular order here are your Five ways to bring more creative inspiration into your life.


1. Stop and explore something new just for the heck of it.

You know those signs you pass by on the way to work or in and around your town that indicate a point of interest? They often appear on the side a highway or in front of a place you may have driven by a million times before but have never taken the time to stop. My challenge to you is to STOP, take that exit, follow that sign and pull in to that park or monument. Most of the time these place don't even cost a penny to visit and I am not saying you need to stop for the day, you might just want to scope it out, read an information sign, learn something new and maybe even come back to explore in greater detail later.  I recently was on a long bike ride with a friend and we passed one of these signs on the side of the road. I suggested that we pull in and check it out and what we found was a beautiful surprise.  We found a ranch that had been there since the 1920's complete with old barns, Orange Orchards, lush tress, full rose bushes and spectacular grounds. The place was Orcutt Ranch in the San Fernando Valley near Los Angeles and my friend and I learned that it was home to a Mr. Orcutt that happened to be one of the Oil Pioneers in California and the discoverer of dinosaur fossils in the La Brea Tar Pits. That was something neither of us knew anything about prior and it only cost us a short detour from our ride and added and extra bit of fun to the entire day.

2.  Go Fly A kite... Literally

Be honest, when was the last time you remember flying a kite?  When is the last time you experienced the thrill of watching YOUR kite as it catches air and begins to sail up into the heavens. There is something so freeing and fun about the entire kite flying experience that even if it comes crashing back down to Earth you are eager and determined to grab that kite and get it flying again. I believe everyone should own a kite. It connects us to a simple and pure joy of wonder and imagination. It reminds us that if this piece of paper (or plastic) and sticks can soar then most certainly so can we. GO FLY A KITE.

3.  Play With Kids Like A Kid

Chances are if you don't have your own children you have family members or friends that do.  As adults we often sit on the sidelines and watch the kids run around and play with glee. What kids often want is for us to join in the play and be engaged with them. Most kids love it if we get up off of our chairs and chase them around and goof off. Children have an imagination and creative nature that many of us tuck away as we get older and are consumed with the responsibilities of life. Children can teach us a great deal about reconnecting with that free and happy nature that we so desperately need in our daily life. To laugh for the sake of laughing and engage in the make believe can be a great boon of inspiration for us and it delights the kids in the process. Be silly, be open, be fun and go play.


4. Make something

I know what you may be thinking, I am not good with my hands, I am not creative and I don't even know where I would begin with this request. The truth is, we all have a bit of Picasso in us all and it doesn't take great skill to reap the benefits of the simple pleasure and feeling of satisfaction you can get from making something. The internet is  a great inspiration for simple but fun projects so is your local arts and crafts store where you can wander the isles for inspiration. Arts & craft stores  are piled high with kits to make everything from birdhouses to picture frames to you name it. Michael's Arts & Crafts even has a section on their website called "Get Inspired" http://www.michaels.com/find-a-project/general-crafts-and-hobbies/815811949 with fun projects you can do at home and most of them are very reasonable. Working with your hands is a great way to relax your mind, slow things down and enjoy the process of learning something new. If you have time to surf the web and post and like content on Facebook you have the time to unplug and go make something.  Now that all of your roadblocks have been removed go make something, your creative mind will thank you.

5. Plant Something

You don't need to be a green thumb to go to your local home improvement center and find something to plant.  You can add some flowers to a garden or find a small container and plant some herbs. Most stores carry plants that are already growing and just need to be repotted to a more suitable container. This exercise is more about getting your hands dirty and cultivating something beautiful green and living in your life. Just like making something, it gives you time to step away from all the noise around us. We can reconnect with nature and focus on the magic and beauty that feed our bodies and our senses. During the Summer one of my favorite things to plant is a tomato plant, with a little TLC and watering you can get a plant full of these beautiful red globes and being able to pick your own tomatoes is truly delightful. The leaves of the plant and the fruit it bears smell like a tomato should and the taste blows away anything you will find in a traditional grocery store. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn something new and have something magical to bring to the table. I promise you, your hamburgers and salads will not taste the same. The plant will more than pay for itself and your friends and family will be excited to enjoy your homegrown tomatoes or be inspired by the color you just added to your life with new flowers. So go plant something!

So there you have it, Five ways to bring more creative inspiration into your life and in doing one or more of these activities you just may bring some creative inspiration into someone else's life too, now imagine that.

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