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So,  it's Sunday afternoon and I have the house to myself for a few hours. I was eager to relax, read, get a little writing done or meditate. I wasn't too sure yet which one, but I was sure that whatever it was it had to help me get back to center and get ready for a new week;  I needed to recharge. Then it happened...the dreaded ringing phone, as it blares from the other room I start to feel a little bit of unease creeping into my mellow moment. My first instinct was to ignore it, but curiosity beckoned me to the other room to check the missed call. Had it been from one of my sisters I may have flopped on the bed and chatted and laughed for a little bit. Goofing off and laughing is still me time and so, that would have been just fine for a  few moments. However, the call was from a good friend but this good friend also likes to talk about work and business so it's a bit of a working relationship and I knew that this was not the type of call that would be honoring my Me Time so I could recharge now. Just the thought of it at the moment started to make me feel tired. What I need for these calls is usually enthusiasm and creativity and today what I needed was to chill out and do something to recharge so I had that type of good stuff to add to the world. That meant saying no, no to picking it up, no to calling back today; Not even in an hour or two. I,  like many of you often wrestle with these type of obligations, the mental guilt trip my type A self battles with all the time. Showing up and being present for people is always important,  but the truth is, the first person we all need to show up for first and foremost is ourselves. I have also been working hard to make Sunday a no work day unless it is a creative endeavor that will serve me. I am working to protect Sunday to keep it as the day of rest and reflection as it should be. My Sunday can be your Monday, whatever day it is for you make it matter.

1.  RECHARGE- When you honor your me time to you allow yourself to recharge your batteries. This can lower your stress levels and add a deeper level of calm to your life. You can read a book or take a nap, how you do it doesn't matter as long as you do it.

2.  REFLECT-   When you honor your me time to recharge now you allow some quiet space to reflect. Reflection can come through meditation, exercise or spending time on a hobby or cause that fills you up. When you have time to reflect you are able to see and feel where you are at and what is working and what is not. It allows openness to thought and ideas that is difficult to access in the everyday of go, go, go.

3. RESPECT-  When you honor your me time to recharge now you practice acts of love and respect toward yourself. Being kind to yourself is priority one and can help you learn to surround yourself with people that respect you too.

4.  RENEW- When you honor your me time and take the time to RECHARGE, REFLECT & RESPECT yourself, you are allowing time for your body and mind to experience renewal. We all need mental and physical rest, without it we will not be able to operate joyfully at the levels that we desire.

It's not easy to To Honor Your Me Time so you can recharge now, but if you listen to your intuition and start to be mindful of honoring time for yourself (and actually put it in to practice) the dividends will be well worth the adjustment.

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