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Did you know according to a recent Gallup Poll that 70% of Americans said they HATE or are disengaged in their jobs. Those numbers blew me away, I figured the number would be high but 70%? You have got to be kidding me.  We spend so much time at work and yet so many of us despise it. That really isn't any way to live when we can live a fuller happier life living our purpose.

You can actually follow your passion, it's not a pie in the sky idea for a chosen few. Will it be easy? In the beginning NO, but anything great is worth working for. However, once you get going you will find that there is a certain flow that begins to happen and it really is something amazing.

What if you feel stuck or don't seem to know what your passion is? Well I have 5 simple tips that I learned along the way that I want to share with you. It took me a while to find my purpose because I am so passionate about life and living that so many things excited me. I also thought it should just appear out of nowhere and be known to me. Little did I know that it required work and open eyes and yet it was there all the while. I wasn't looking so I guess I wasn't seeing, sound familiar? There were a million times I felt lost and wanted to give up but I knew deep down that if I kept searching, had faith and most of all an open heart it would come.

“Don’t worry about what the world needs.  Ask what makes you come alive and do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~Howard Thurman

 If you feel like you have traveled so many paths and tried so many things but nothing felt right you are not alone. I have been there many times, you may have experienced great success in something and that success confused you in to thinking you found your passion. Then the excitement fades and you feel empty or dissatisfied. Let's get you on your path, it's time to live your passion.

1. Give yourself permission- I cannot stress enough how important this is. We get stuck in our life when we let our circumstances or past define us. We think, well I have always been an X,Y, Z or my life has always been "this way" so I guess that is my story. You have the power to Press The Reset Button and redefine your life any day you choose to. How do you do that? By first giving yourself permission. Say Yes! I can write a new story for myself and I don't need anyone's permission but my own. 


2. Allow yourself to explore- Part of the joy of finding your passion is being open to exploring new things and new ideas. If there is a topic you are interested in, do some research. Interested in going back to school to pursue something new? Find a school that offers a program of interest and schedule a tour. Interested in starting a new business? Go to a trade show or find a relevant networking group to attend. Has something been on your mind for some time? Take a class locally, learn to bake, build websites or whatever else you are curious about. These are simple ways to dig deeper into areas of interests if you are still not sure of the direction you are going.


3. Look for themes- What are you drawn to in life? What do you read, watch or enjoy doing. What areas of interest pop up time and again. Take some time to jot down a list of things you enjoy. Believe it or not if you take the time you will find themes. Ask yourself if you can see any patterns. When you finally see it will be so obvious that you will wonder how you ever missed it. For instance, I read my first motivational book at age 12 given to me by my uncle, it was Zig Ziglar's Top Performance after that I was hooked. I have read over 600 books on human excellence, in addition to books on spirituality & business. I found myself seeking out spiritual locations to visit including Israel & The Middle East and have sat inside of sacred houses of worship for most major religions of the world. You will find your themes. Be free, jot them down and see how they cross and connect.


4. Meditate- Meditation gives your mind and body time to rest and refresh. It allows a busy mind to calm and the rubbish of life to drift away. It is a sacred way to be with your thoughts without forcing answers. You can function in your highest creative state when there is stillness. If you have never meditated before you can find many guided meditations on YouTube to get you started. Starting with ten minutes a day can bring you huge benefits.


5. What lights you up? This one is my favorite, when you key into it you will see how powerful it is. When you talk to someone about a topic and you feel yourself coming alive, remember jot it down. Human physiology doesn't lie and you will begin to see how speaking on the things that light you up will make a drastic shift in your body language and emotions. What is it that makes you feel electric? What do you do even when not getting paid for it? What areas of interest keep tugging on your heart? Let your body and soul be a guidepost for you.

I hope these tips help you, if they can help someone else you know, please pass them on. Don't forget to share your comments below.

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